The Door to Europe level 2 project

Join EVS In Poland  For Spainsh & Italian & french

Name of the hosting organization: Foundation for Creative Space and Development CampoSfera
Link to web / Fb/ other page of the organization:
Country of the organization: Poland
Name: The Door to Europe level 2
Dates: 01/03/2018 – 31/10/2018
Location: Klimontów, świętokrzyskie province, Poland
Countries involved: Erasmums+ programme countries
Topic[1]: Environment, Sustainability, Non-formal education, Permaculture
Costs[2]: Costs cover by Erasmus+ Program
Travel reimbursement limit per country: according to Erasmus+ guide for 2017
From: Erasmus+ Programme countries
Number: 3
Age limit: 17-30

Profile (if specific): We look for people passionate about environment, eager to work on creating self-
sustainable community that lives close to nature and develops permaculture garden in a rural area.

Participants will share and promote ideas related to environmental protection, contesting consumerist
lifestyle, openness and acceptance by means of non-formal education.

The volunteers tasks will be following:
1. Working with the local community. This will include:
– organizing small fests in various places in the region in cooperation with the local organizations and cultural
– organizing meeting and workshops at schools, kindergartens and cultural institutions. Topics will be related to
values represent by the organization (like ecology, tolerance, openness, critical thinking),

– organizing meetings with the local youth and children at least once a week in CampoSfera building. The form of
the meetings will depend on the volunteers’ and the local’s needs. It can take a form of workshop, film screening
and discussion, volunteers’ mother tongue conversation meetings, English classes, outdoor activities, board
game playing, upcycling workshops or any other form, as long as it is safe for the participants and the
– providing guidance and support for local youth who would like to take part in international youth exchanges or
volunteering (EVS or other opportunities).

2. Help the HO team to arrange the space around for the purpose of the Foundation activities. This will include:
– taking care of the garden: weeding, planting, watering, sowing, harvesting, etc. – the garden will not only have
decorative function. We plan to create a permaculture garden, without the use of chemical fertilizers, based on
natural solutions. The garden will produce vegetables for the use of all CampoSfera inhabitants.
– organizing the area according to the season: mowing, snow removal, raking leaves, etc.
– works connected with some finishing work in the building and building maintenance: painting walls, drilling,
nailing, cutting, furniture renovation, etc. – the building offers a workshop with many tools which our volunteers
use for their creative work (instrument creation, making wood furniture, renovating old furniture, handcraft).
– helping with small natural building construction: plastering with clay, digging foundations, forming natural bricks
from clay and straw, etc.

3. Helping with events organized and hosted by the Foundation:
– helping with logistic arrangements while hosting groups, including cooking, cleaning, organizing free time)
– organizing logistic and space while open events (festivals, outdoor cinema)

4. Preparing and implementing own ideas for the development of the Foundation and /or the local community.

5. Respecting rules of CampoSfera (limiting garbage production, trash segregation, responsible use of resources
(including water and electricity), no smoking inside the building, no late parties on the 1
floor, changing shoes

inside the building)

Are you interested? Drop us an email on (

Info-pack attached.

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[1]Short description oft he project topic in one sentence.
[2]Please provide information on any additional costs like participation fees etc. State if all of the costs are covered
by Erasmus+ Program.



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