The Best Erasmus+ Person of 2017

It was a long and difficult journey, but the voting process has finally closed and we have our first winner of the competition for Best Erasmus+ person of the year!


Before we get to it, there is something we would like to share with you on behalf of the team of the organizers.

When we decided to design and implement this competition, our aim was to bring the Erasmus+ community together and to give the opportunity for the most prominent individuals in Erasmus+ world to fairly compete for the title. Our basic standpoints were fair-play and transparency, without any intent to harm anyone or to cause unequal opportunities. It is important to mention that this competition was organized completely independently, as one of the key values of Voyagerasmus portal is recognizing positive factors in Erasmus+ Programme and presenting them to the community. When deciding upon the voting method, the standpoint of the team was to provide equal opportunities to every voter to be engaged and contribute to overall result of their candidate. That is why the contest has been implemented on Facebook.

Since the competition started, the violations of fair-play have been detected, mainly in terms of receiving likes from fake profiles without pictures, friends or any content (high amounts of such likes in short period of time). Of course, the candidates started to report such situations, asking for measures to be taken in order to ensure fair and equal competition. Having a belief in good intentions of the proponents/candidates when entering into this competition, we did not properly foresee that such violations could happen. However, we had to react and our team of experts has been revising the voting process and drawing conclusions on the measures to be taken. In cases of identified violations, the candidates have been asked to remove this kind of likes or they will be otherwise withdrawn from the competition. Furthermore, the candidates have been provided with the opportunity to start the voting process again (with their likes annulled) from the current date. The reason for such decision for a “second chance” was because proving that the candidates themselves paid/by any other mean provided fake likes directly to themselves is almost impossible – it could be anyone trying to provide them support or even cause their disqualification. Furthermore, as this competition was organized first time from our part and situations of violations were not foreseen as they occured in practice, the team had to form their decisions based on the concrete situations.

Withdrawals and measures taken caused a series of accusations and rebellions against the contest. In such manner, we want to expressly state that:

  1. The organizers did not work in order to provide unequal opportunities to the candidates;
  2. The voting process was extended due to the high level of interest for the voting and to the fact that community engagement level was increasing; the voting process was not extended in order to provide more time for any of the candidates, as all of the candidates were provided with equal amount of voting time;
  3. The measures were taken and the participants informed immediately after the team revised their voting process upon reports;
  4. The team did not allow to any of the candidates with fake likes further participation in the contest until such likes are annulled.


We know that the title of Best Erasmus+ person of the year has a great importance for the candidates and that both them and their friends/supporters have implemented significant efforts in order to reach their goals. However, this cannot be justification for any sort of violations of fair-play and transparency.

On our behalf, we appologize for any inconveniences or mistakes from our side and we assure you they were not made intentionally. This competition, as our first one, was also a big learning process and we believe that next time we will be able to ensure higher standards, especially as they will be implemented through the system that ensures fair voting process.


And now, the most important partย ๐Ÿค—

With 1678 likes (1 vote) and 619 shares (2 votes), so overally with 2916 votes (calculated on 00:00, as votes submitted after the deadline were not taken into account), the winner of the 1st Competition for Best Erasmus+ person of the year is

Amr Abd El Gayed



Raghda Tharwat, his proponent, says that หAmr is proactive & passionate about social work & volunteering. He has been to 20+ projects, in which he was a participant, trainee, trainer, organizer & group leader. He is social, helpful, humorous, shows leadership, takes initiative & he is so keen on spreading the know-how of these opportunities, so he filmed a series of videos explaining in details about Erasmus+, created EVS EGYPT group, where he posts about all possible opportunities & held several events speaking about this subject.ห


Amr has more than 10.000 folowers on Facebook and is encouraging his community to take part in Erasmus+ Programme.


Beside the title, Amr will be awarded with presents provided by Agency for mobility and EU programmes from Croatia.

Congratulations to the winner and we sincirely hope that he will be eager in promoting Erasmus+ Programme and its key values in 2018.


Until next competition wish you all the best and thank you for participation,


Voyagerasmus team

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