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Association Pozitiva Samobor is searching for partners for a youth exchange “Starting line” on the topic of personal development, both from Programme and Partner countries.


Type of project:



Title of project:

„Starting line“


Erasmus+ Programme,  February 2018, in Samobor – Croatia



About the organization:


The association “Pozitiva Samobor” was established in 2011 with a vision that its name will be a synonymous for quality and exciting initiatives in the City of Samobor that make life more beautiful. The Association aims to create a recognizable name on the local and national level that will emphasise the City of Samobor in tourism, health, history, culture and sport. Within the domain of Erasmus+, organization has successfully implemented 4 youth exchanges (KA1) and 1 project of dialogue between youth and decision makers (KA3). Association is accredited for EVS.


Our objectives are:

  • promotion, encouragement and participation in the acceptable management of natural, cultural, historic and economic resources of Samobor with implementation of the sustainable development;
  • education of public by holding meetings, lectures, seminars, workshops and exhibitions in order to promote our objectives;
  • development and implementation of studies and programs;
  • promoting of youth active participation in local community;
  • ensuring public access to information on sustainable development;
  • encourage economic activities on the principles of sustainable development;
  • preparation and publication of printed and audio-visual materials, computer programs and promotional materials related to activities of the Association;
  • Cooperation with other associations and organizations in order to achieve the objectives of the Association.

More about POZITIVA SAMOBOR you can find on:






This project will gather young people with the goal of developing their personal skills; as we believe each person is unique, this project is an important step in providing young people with the starting line in their life. Throuought the project, participants will have the opportunity to explore their talents and set personal goals. The workshops are designed to enhance creativity of the participants and provide them with spectrum of chances to get out from the comfort zone and identify their abilities.


MAIN AIM of this project is to include young people with social obstacles, economic obstacles and geographic obstacles into the process of developing their personal skills in order to find their starting line – recognizing own talents and values which will enable them to reach personal dreams and goals as well as to contribute actively to their communities.


The goal of this project is to gather 36 participants for 10 days in Samobor, Croatia. Participants will work in mixed intercultural teams, where every team will have a task to develop workshops focused on personal development of the participants: finding their strong and weak points, building self-confidence, identifying own talents, setting personal goals etc.


Target group of the project are young people from 18 to 26 years old with social obstacles, economic obstacles and geographic obstacles.

Number of participants: 5 participants + 1 group leader per country




General information



Working language:

English – all participants must be able to communicate using English language.


Period of implementation: May 2017. – Septemper 2018. (4 months)



Samobor – Croatia

Hostel – Samobor


Eligible partners:

All interested Program and Partner countries




If you are interested in being a partner on this project, please inform us no later (!) than 18.01.2018. on e-mail


Please note that, together with the partnership mandate, we will kindly ask you to send us Partner Identification Form with some additional information connected to the topic of this projects. Furthermore, upon the approval we will deliver to you internal partnership agreement for more detailed definition of mutual rights and obligations.


If you may have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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