Join  the international competition on Facebook for  “THE BEST ERASMUS PERSON OF 2017”!



We invite you to submit a proposal for the award and the title of “The best Erasmus person of 2017”, organised by Voyagerasmus portal, Association for sustainable development Pozitiva Samobor and Association for sustainable development Positiva Milano, under the patronage of Agency for mobility and EU programmes. Voyagerasmus Team will take into consideration Your proposals and candidates meeting the criteria will be shortlisted for the online voting process.

Then it will be your turn to select your favorite candidate! The selection will work in a way that the images and description of the each candidate will be published on Voyagerasmus Facebook page, and you will be able to give the voice to the person you think deserves this honorary title.


The criteria for the award are next:

  • Person who has taken part in at least 1 Erasmus+ project;
  • Person who has contributed to promoting Erasmus+ in any way;
  • Old at least 18 years, without the upper age limit


The reasons should be stated in the application form.

The proponent may be anyone; it is important that you cannot candidate yourself but only other person. Both proponents’ and candidates’ names will be written in the description of the shortlisted candidate.


The proposal shall be submitted by e-mail (in an Application form_Erasmus person 2017) and must contain:


1) Name and surname of the person nominated by the proponent

2) Description of why this person should be given recognition (example: number of Erasmus+ project this person has taken part in, his/her engagement as a trainer, some specific achievements or simply cheerful and wild Erasmus+ spirit J )

3) A picture related to the person nominated by the proponent (preferably an image that proves the candidate’s  positive nature)


Proposals can be delivered from January 8 to January 21 to Here you can find an Application form_Erasmus person 2017 to fill out and send it with the indication “CANDIDATE FOR THE BEST ERASMUS+ PERSON OF 2017”.


Online voting starts on January 22nd and runs until January 31st on the Voyagerasmus Facebook page. An album will be created with pictures and descriptions of all shortlisted candidates.


Voting points:

1 like = 1 point

1 share = 2 points

After closing the voting procedure and counting all of the points, you will find out who is the best Erasmus+ person of the year on February 1st 2018.!


The person selected for the best Erasmus+ person of the year will receive the following awards:


1 x laptop backpack

1 x termo bottle

1 x cup

1 x mouse pad

1 x Erasmus+ notebook




Any suggestion of vulgar, humiliating or disturbing content will not be taken into account. Also, the proponent must obtain the oral consent of the potential candidate to be able to submit a proposal.


Good luck!


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