Training In Orahovica

Upon my arrival to EVS in Croatia, I had the opportunity to spend 6 days in the beautiful city of Orahovica. It was my first week in Croatia and it couldn’t get better than that 🙂

I met nice people from different country and it was the first time to meet Turkish, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian participants.
I discovered a lot of nice things about Orahovica: we visited the kindergarden and had the opportunity to see how well the place is organized.



One day we had one activity to write a project and it was the low accessibility for the disability people in Orahovica.
We as a group were confused about the topic of the project and it took us a lot of time to decide what we going to do.

At first, I wasn’t excited to work on this idea because it wasn’t mine and it was great cause in that time I had a
debate inside me: to accept it although it was out of my comfort zone or to leave the group and go with my own idea.

It didn’t take my a lot of time and I decided to follow that group out of many reasons. One of them was the Portugese guy who was the one who suggest the idea; I liked his way of thinking although its totally different than mine. The other thing why I accepted the idea was because I was personally touched by it;  my sister has mental disability so I decided to go for this topic: perhaps we can do something positive in this nice city.
I learned that when you accept the other ideas you can see the good parts which you didn’t see before.


Also, working with people ofmy age was really good because I used towork with my father and my cousins and it was really different.
I was the one who always had the new ideas, but now I worked with different ideas which may be greater than mine.


When we started to work in that project our target person was the major of Orahovica. We took some photos of the local buildings to show the low accessibility for the disabled people. Then we went to the major of the city and I didn’t believe that we can actually meet her!


When we went to the city hall we asked to meet the major to
 talk with her. We thought we going to take an appointment
first, then we can come back later, but the major surprised us

with the friendly meeting.

We talked with her a lot and she was really nice. She is
already familiar with the low accessibility and she said she has

some plans for this problem and she will start to do it as soon

as possible.

Also the Red cross centre in Orahovica was one of the greatest things.
We had a lot of food and the building was really nice. I enjoyed a lot the swimming pool. I had nice conversation with one organizer in orphan organization who was giving some swimming lesson to the kids. I really like what this organization is doing; they were treating the kids in a nice way. I hope that one day I can visit this organization: first because I want to see how they work because I used to go to orphan organization in Egypt; second thing there are two Egyptian kids are in this organization they came somehow to Croatia and this organization took them in. The strange thing is this two kids don’t speak Croatian and only of them can speak English in basics level but this organization tried hardly to communicate with them but they never give up.


I really loved Orahovica; it will always be a nice memory in my life and

I hope I can visit it again someday.

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