Zakopanitos – Erasmus+ adventure in Poland

Hi people. Let us tell you a story. A story about Zakopanitos.

Zakopanitos are awesome. The Zakopanitos were founded in the cold and windy peaks of Tatra mountains in Poland. It all started in a place called Zakopane. It is the most popular winter holiday location in Poland. It looks amazing.

It all started on 13.10.2017. Five most powerful countries in Europe: Poland, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia and Croatia sent their smartest and most reliable people on a mission. The mission was to find out what Ecofashion is.  We were the Croatian team. A team who has never met before and who has never worked toghether had an important mission. We saw from the beginning that the team was well picked and that the mission will be accomplished with no special difficulties. Sara, Dora, Tea, Roko, Marko and Vinko were ready to complete the 10 day mission and come back to Croatia to report what they found out and how they could improve Croatian ecology system.



At the project we had to get to know all the other countries who sent their experts with the same mission as us. It went better then they planned. The people were so relaxed and friendly and they saw from the beginning that they can not fail this mission; au contraire, they could just learn more. From the beginning we all talked what ecology is for us and what we expect to learn until the end. During our sessions we learned how important team work is and how we have to adopt to different attitudes of different people. Creating plans, proceeding with them and learning about ecology in other countries were the keys to completing the 10 day mission. During the day we had some coffee breaks so we could refresh our minds and think harder. During the evenings we were introducing our country’s traditions and informing all people about our countries so we could all find out something more that we could use in the future.



The Wise teachers were teaching us about the importance of upcycling and recycling. The most important lesson was to learn how to recognize them in real life and to implement what we have learned with doing it yourself. This part of the journey was not just theoretical; we also had a practical part. In practice we transformed the empty cans and bottles that we used before to make new and useful products. The products had to be useful, estetically on a high level and we had to think how we would sell them. We don’t need to tell you it went better then anyone expected. The other part of DIY (do it yourself) was our used clothes. In the infopack that we got for our mission it was said that each of us has to bring an old used piece of clothes that we don’t need anymore. We gave the clothes a new look. They had a new meaning. But that was just the foreplay. The culmination of our work was a real fashion show.



Between the preparation of the fashion show which was located in the Artistic highschool we had city games which were preparing us by teaching us how to improvise and how to use resourcefulness to get something that we need. By doing that we have met all sorts of people. Some of them were helpful and some negative, but we did not surrender and we kept going to complete our mission. In the final part of our journey we had help from a few students who helped us by designing the clothes which we were wearing on the fashion show. The day before the show we finished the sewing and cutting and started planning the show. We had a few teams with leaders who organised the decorations, food and beverages, the marketing and promotion, the catwalk, the hosts music and lights.


We were all like one. Each one of us was aware that this is the last piece of the puzzle. The general rehearsal showed us where our mistakes were and we fixed them to show the maximum level of preparation. As we waited for the audience we were nervous because it was the first time we were doing something like that and so many things could go wrong.  But it didn’t! It was the best fashion show then anybody there ever saw. The audience, professors and pupils were amazed with the level of our preparation and our imagination. Before inviting all the visitors to try the tasty food of our countries we had a quick look at our Wise teachers and their look and tears in their eyes told us everything. They were proud of us. After the show we went to the city centre and tried to make people more happy that day. Singing and dancing with them was so fun so we decided to do more. We started giving free group hugs. Surprisingly a lot of people accepted them and we were really happy with the thought that we maid their days better.



The last two days were the hardest! We had to say goodbye to our teachers and our friends. We all had the same mission, but we were not enemies. We saw that the completion of the mission can benefit to all of us. We met amazing people who lived their lives on a different way and each one of them had an interesting story to tell. The farewell was hard. There were tears and laughs, but we all knew one thing. We will make the world a better place. Small steps can mean something and each one of us will try to teach people how to help the environment and how to protect the nature for the future. And that was the mission. Protecting the future of our countries, regions, continents… Protecting the future of the world by baby steps. We completed our mission. We came back to Croatia full of knowledge and motivation to do something better. Zakopanitos teached us how 10 days is enough to learn something to improve our skills and that we are not alone in this fight. As we are finishing this report we can say that our misson is still not over; it has just begun.

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