EVS in Macedonia – Information Access for Youth

Explore EVS in Macedonia by joining the project Information Access for Youth, for Croatians only!

Basic info

Name: Information Access for Youth

Location: Prilep, Macedonia

Dates:  30th of November 2017 until 30th of November 2018 

Searching for: 1 volunteeer from Croatia

About the project

Your activities as a volunteer will include:

1. Promotion of the Youth information and Counseling Center INFO SEGA Prilep

2. Providing accurate, up to date and reliable information for young people

3. Promotion of EVS programme

4. Implementation of Creative workshop with children and young people.

5. Celebration of important dates (holidays and other important events at local level).

6. Planning, organizing and implementing intercultural events.

7. Language café

8. Participation on important events within the organization

9. Conversation hours

10. Initiating and implementing ideas for individual projects.

11. Coordinative meetings between the staff of INFO SEGA and Coalition SEGA

12. Participating and working in the everyday activities of INFO SEGA and SEGA


Volunteer profile

The project will include 3 volunteers from France, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Three volunteers whose motivation and personal interest suits the most the objectives of the project. The volunteers should be attracted by cultural field and activities. They should be comfortable to work with children and teenagers. The volunteers should have good communication capabilities, able to work in a team, willing to work with young people from different nationalities and religions. The volunteers need to be responsible, diligent, creative, open minded, ambitious, and interested in innovative ways of communication and European citizenship. They should have computer skills in Microsoft Office and using Internet.

In EVS programme, young people with cultural differences will have a chance to improve their current situation regarding the unemployment problem. Being a volunteer in foreign country and be a part of an organization that works for youth and youth issues will be remarkable experience for every young person who has fewer opportunities.

Practical info

Travel & insurance

Travel costs to Macedonia: 275€ both way / Pocket money: 60€/month / Food money: 90€/month

The volunteers will receive full insurance coverage through EVS Insurance provided by the European Commission. All the insurance documents will be sent to the volunteers by the sending organization. The volunteer’s enrollment in the insurance program will be completed before the departure of the volunteers to Macedonia.


The accommodation of the volunteers will be ensured by the hosting organization. The volunteers will share flat with separate bed rooms with all basic needs covered according the standards of living in Macedonia. The volunteer’s accommodation will be near the mentors who are responsible for their learning processes, accommodation and cohesion. The volunteers will have 24 hours full support. In case of dealing with conflicts, the mentors will act as mediators and seriously will find the solution for the problem and conflicts.

About the hosting organization

Coalition of youth organization SEGA 

Mission: The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA works on developing and implementing youth policies in Macedonia as well as connecting and strengthening young people to improve their overall state.

Vision: SEGA is a sustainable and developed youth organization active at the local, regional and national level, a long-term and serious partner in the implementation of youth programmes along with young people, NGOs, state institutions and the business sector. Our work has led to an improved overall state of youth, their inclusion in decision-making processes and their use of applicable laws. Our success is recognized in the promotion of the young people as a resource in the society, ready to answer new challenges. Coalition of youth organizations SEGA in 2010 opened the first Youth INFO Center in Prilep, and in 2015 opened the Youth INFO Center in Kavadarci: INFORMATION AND COUNSELING INFO CENTER INFO SEGA.

Additional information about the INFO SEGA Center in Prilep you can find on their web site and Facebook profile.

Additional information about Coalition of youth organizations SEGA you can find on their web page  and Facebook profile.

How to apply?

You can apply by sending your CV and motivation letter to sega@sega.org.mk

Don't forget, we are searching for volunteers only from Croatia!


More information in Info Pack in the attachment.

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