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When you are a part of Erasmus adventure, you always wish to keep your memories alive💫. While photos, videos and travel diaries are a good option of visualizing and writing down your thoughts, we have even better solution!

EU has put a lot of creative efforts to encourage youth to travel and discover Europe🌍🗺. It’s not only about funding various projects (mainly within Erasmus+ Program) which enable the participants to explore the culture and tradition of different countries, but also about various tools they provide to keep us motivated, interested and creative.



One of such tools we recently discovered is EU Travel Book – a fun pack of elements designed for you to memorize your all-around-Europe trip.🌍🌎🌏 And the easiest and most interesting way to discover Europe is, of course, Erasmus+ Programe, therefore we like to use it as Erasmus Travel Book!


What is it?


EU travel book is your personalized travel diary 🌍✈📗 through Europe, which you can adapt and put together according to your own needs. Namely, the Travel Book is comprised of several different parts which you can use either individually, or as a creative whole. Moreover, some of the parts have educational purpose and will help you to increase your knowledge about the European Union.



Parts of the EU Travel book:

  • TRAVEL STICKIES – a pack of stickers with various elements connected to the EU itself, as well as to each of the member countries (flag, capital, words, tradition);
  • TRAVEL MAP – a map of the European Union, which you can use in combination with stickers (coloring the map, inserting location tags of the capitals you visited etc.) in order to follow your personal progress in “conquering Europe”;
  • TRAVEL COUNTRIES – a notebook with pages dedicated to each of the Member States, which enables you to write down your impressions and experiences while exploring the particular country. First side contains the empty map of the country, while your task is to guess the country according to the shape of its borders. On the second page, there are sections which enable you to write down some basic information about the country as well as your personal reflections. Such pages are also designed to be combined with the stickers, which will make it easier for you to make your own creative travel diary. It is also important to mention that each of the pages can be easily separated from the notebook and combined with other elements of the Travel Book.
  • TRAVEL NOTES – a regular notebook/diary, which provides you with more space to write down your travel adventures. Same as with the previous elements, the pages can be easily separated and combined with other elements of the Travel Book.
  • TRAVEL BOOK – a book of instructions.


As you can notice from the description, EU Travel Book enables you to put together the elements in the way you want – you can combine them into one extensive travel diary (adding your unique design to it), or have them separately in the way they are provided within the Travel Book. The choice and the creativity is yours!


How to get one?


This is actually the easiest and the best part. Thanks to the EU, you can get one completely for free – even without a shipping costs! If you don’t feel like waiting for one or would prefer to have it in digital format – that’s also an option. So let’s check where you can get your own Travel Book!


EU Bookshop (EU Law and Publications) an online library and bookshop of publications from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union. Beside laws and specialized publication, it offers a wide range of interesting and fun tools for youth – such as the EU Travel Book. And guess what – they are mainly for free! You can order the publications you want by creating the account on EU Bookshop, which enables you to search the publications and add them to your own chart. Before ordering, be sure to check the possible price and if the publication is available in printed format (some of them can be obtained only in digital form).

EU Travel Book can be ordered in printed form or downloaded in .pdf form, completely for free. If you want to get your personal copy, you can do it here.


Although it will be something personal, EU has made efforts to join all of the owners of Travel Book, to let you know about the many young people who, like you, are discovering Europe. After getting your Travel Book, you can join the awesome Travelbook community.


You’re now holding your own travel book. It explains how and why the European Union invests in each region. After that, you can see for yourself! It’s your own personal diary. You can change the order of the pages, add stickers, write down things you find interesting, put in photos, whatever you like. Have a good time and long live Europe!


Do you already have your Travel Book? What do you think about it? Share below in the comments!

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