10 things to bring to Erasmus+ project

Whether Erasmus+ projects are still something new for you, or if you’re already a “Serial Erasmuser” with a lot of experience on your back, we are sure you still sometimes wonder how to properly equip yourself for the new Erasmus adventure 😎🕵💪

Well, we decided to help you out and that’s exactly why we created a list of (according to our experience) must-haves when it comes to going to Erasmus projects. Of course, in the end everything comes to your personal needs and preferences (as well as project conditions, usually stated within the Info Pack – but be ready, sometimes the real conditions can surprise you 😬), but some of the thingies might help you to be more comfortable, prepared and enable you to have more fun during your amazing week or more of Erasmus+ experience.

So let’s start; if you disagree with some of the items or you have other ideas, comment below!




If you attended some seminars, conferences or training prior to your first Erasmus experience, you might have issues deciding what kind of clothes to bring when going for a project. Although there might be some exceptions where formal clothes will be necessary (e.g. during special types of projects within Erasmus such as Key Action 3 – dialogue between youth and decision makers, with a lot of suited-up people 👠🎩👔), usually the best option is to bring comfy (mostly casual and sport) clothes.

Why? Because during the day you will be engaged in a lot of interactive tasks, which usually consider working in smaller groups in different conditions (outside, sitting on the floor, exercising and rehearsing, playing) as well as various outdoor activities (depending on the type of the project, but can include practicing various sports or outdoor energizers). As your daily schedule will be filled with activities, from our experience the most important thing is that you feel comfortable, as if you were at home.


Of course, evenings are part of the day if you want to dress up and show yourself in the best light. Often after the woke-up-like-this daily activities, your colleagues will be amazed how good you can actually look when you put yourself together at evenings 💄👠👗👔👑👑. And don’t forget, you want to present your country the best possible way during the intercultural evening!




Sometimes, depending on the conditions of your accommodation on the project (if you will be sleeping in tents, if the accommodation does not provide bed linen and depending on the weather conditions, for some outdoor activities), the need for bringing your sleeping bags will be strictly announced by the organizers. And sometimes it can just be a good idea, if you are not sure what to expect. 😅

We have to be honest, during some of the projects we wished that we were clever enough to bring the sleeping bags, as it would make the whole adaptation process and overnight stay more easy. 😁 And of course, the nice thing to have in mind is that you might find someone with whom you would like to sleep under the stars 😁🤗💫⭐🌟





By that we don’t mean a professional, uber-great-awesome camera, but anything what can help you to record some of the amazing moments you will surely experience. You know what they say, usually you never take pictures during the greatest moments as they are too great to miss them, but although you will be living the adventure on the project, you will be more than happy to revive your experience by checking the photos and videos when you get old 😁🤓👴👵 And of course, there will be sure some embarrassing moments to remember 🙈🙊😁





Although all of your basic costs will be covered by Erasmus+ program (travel expenses, accommodation, food, sometimes coffee breaks and snacks), it is a good idea to have some pocket money just in case you miss something. Or you want to explore something more. Or you want to drink. Or you might miss your flight. Well, basically for anything else you can foresee as necessary.

As you can use the opportunity and arrive couple of days before / depart couple of days after the project (be sure to previously check it out with the organizer), you will of course need to cover such expenses by yourself.

We don’t have a specific recommendation on how much pocket money you need to take. It depends on your personal needs, emergency cases as well as the location of the project. Namely, sometimes you will be accommodated on locations without a civilization in surrounding, so actually you won’t even be able to spend any money 🤗🤑🤑  Also have in mind that, prior to determining the amount of money you need to take, it is always a good idea to check the prices in country you are travelling to.





Could be sun protection or a bag with a good zipper as the protection from thieves, but we think you can guess to what kind of protection we refer 😁 Erasmus is quite famous for joining couples and creating the most beautiful love stories, but also for raising the natality rate within EU 😁👶 Therefore, if beside new experiences and knowledge you don’t want to bring some additional gifts home, don’t be lazy and equip yourself before the project 😎 As mentioned before, sometimes the location of the project is out of the civilization, so you might be sorry for not listening our advice 😁


According to statistics, 27% of Erasmus participants meet their long-term partner while on Erasmus. The Commission estimates that around one million babies are likely to have been born in such partnerships since 1987.





One of the standard activities within Erasmus projects are intercultural evenings. Such evenings are used to enable the participants to present their countries, customs and traditions, followed by degustation of various local snacks and drinks. And sometimes someone throwing up after mixing everything.



Therefore, be sure to brainstorm with your team and to bring representative specialties from your country (of course, flags, promo materials and other requisites can also be a good idea). Although such things might not be so special to you as you can have them in everyday life, we can assure you that your colleagues will be thrilled to try out something different and new.




Some people snore. A lot. Sometimes you might be the one snoring so hard you’re waking up even yourself.

When you connect such issue with the some of the projects where you sleep with 10 or 15 people in the room and you want to sleep 😴😴 (because if you want to party all the time, that’s also a good prevention 😁), earplugs or earphones could be a good solution to survive. If you follow our suggestion and bring a sleeping bag, you can also find a more calm place to sleep 😁

And if you are a snoring person, it would be a good option to inform the organizers in advance so they can provide the best solution. Don’t hesitate, sometimes it means that you will get your own room 😁😎😴





Like medication. Or cigarettes. Or candies. No joke, if you are somewhere out of the civilization and you fall into a crisis, other people will suffer your mood swings 😏🙄😫😰😁 Your experience will suffer and you don’t want that to happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to properly inform yourself about the place you’re going to (if there are any shops nearby), as well as to check the price difference in the country you are travelling to. According to such information, you will be able to bring everything you need.





Although it is one of the things which falls within the previous category, it is worth to be mentioned separately. Whether you decide to rely on your grandmas’ traditional recipies (such as exotic herbs or another shot in the morning), or you will bring something else that will help you, we can assure you that either you, or some of your colleagues will be praying to survive the bad hangover.

Therefore, provide either a “useful” list of tips & tricks (drinking milk before you go to sleep, put your right arm under the left cheek while sleeping and other smart ideas), or bring something useful with you. We are sure you can find something.



(10) A BOOK


We are not very serious about this one. Erasmus projects are usually wonderful experiences which will keep you occupied all day (and night) long. Therefore, you could bring one only if you want to look intellectual 🤓, or of course if you want to effectively use your time while travelling to/from a project.

However, we have one specific book in mind, which is actually the one you will fill in with your experiences. This is not only a phrase – the book actually exists, and all of you are able to get one for free! What are we talking about? Be sure to check our new post coming on monday, 30th of October!



You agree or disagree? Or you would just like to say something smart?

Comment below!

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