EVS in Poland

EVS in beautiful Szczecin , Poland. Only for Italians! 

WHEN: mobility period shall start on 01.10.2017 and end on 31.07. 2018
WHERE: Szczecin, Poland.
WHO: participants from 18 to 30 years old
PROJECT TITLE: POWER (Youth, Openness, Curiosity)
PARTNER COUNTRIES: Poland, Italy, Germany, Hungary

The main areas of volunteer work is in Special Daylight Support Centers (“St. Family” and “Barnimki”), for children from dysfunctional families. The task of the volunteers will be:

-to organize children’s time,
-to play with children,
-to help children in homework If the volunteers agree they may be seconded to help in other locations as needed.
It would be:
– help the old, lonely and poor people
– help people with disabilities
– help for Homeless Shelters
– help in the House of the Single Mother

– help with organizing and conducting Caritas events

PLACES: Volunteers will be anchored in two institutions: Day- Support Center “Barnimki” and Day- Support Center “St. Familly” in Szczecin. They will be also able to participate in the activities of our organization in the city and the region and will be posted as far as their needs and desires to other institutions like shelter for the homeless, Single Mother House, individual care for old and disabled people.

GOALS: Our aim is to enable young people to build solidarity between the people of the European Union, thanks to Szczecin border location. The duties of a volunteer will be promote active form of leisure activities- sport and physical activities outdoors, learning languages and computer skills, outdoor art, theater workshops, etc. Depending on the interest and involvement a volunteer can demonstrate their creativity and independence.
Other objectives of this project are to integrate generation and social groups (elderly, children, homeless) and cultural integration.
RESULTS:  Another goals, in line of Caritas ideas, is to support young people in different activities of volunteering. As a result, we also want to encourage other organizations to do the same, take part in this one and other projects, use the acquired experience in future work, disseminate and the results of the project. In addition, the program result will be a young man developed in a versetail way who will promote similar activities not only in their own lives but also in their environment.
WHAT WE OFFER: The Archdiocese of Szczecin-Kamieńska has qualified people, who throughout the duration of the project provides the participants with support on many levels. Living conditions of the participants are secured – upon arrival they live in a 2 bedroom apartment in a convenient location in Szczecin. In principle, each room is to be inhabited by two people, hence the desire to create a team consisting of two women and two men. Volunteers receive pocket money from us, network tickets for free movement within the city. They will also have access to the phone and a permanent Internet connection. Most importantly, they can always count on the support of the coordinator, with whom they remain in constant contact. Upon arrival in Poland volunteers will also be offered basic Polish language courses, integration seminars, first aid courses or training sessions on the scope and manner of their activities. The nature of Caritas’s activities makes the whole people are very helpful and friendly, so the volunteers feel free throughout the project.
WHAT WE NEED FROM A VOLUNTEER: We need a CV with information about the candidate (Europass). We would also like to have a cover letter because we want to know something about a person, their interests and passions. Concrete experience is not crucial for us. We want to know the real person.
If you are interested send your CV to

wolontariat.caritas@gmail.com (polish organization)
evs@arcistrauss.it (italian sending organization)

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