Moving Youth experience

My name is Mária Billíková and I would like to share my experience with the Erasmus Plus Training course in Samobor, that I was fortunate enough to take part in. First of all, I am a 25-year-old master student from Slovakia and I work for an NGO in my city Nitra, besides other things as a rhythmic gymnastics coach for children with disabilities.

Until this summer, I have never taken part in any kind of Erasmus plus projects, but when I heard about the Moving Youth training course in Samobor, it immediately caught my attention.

Sports was always my passion and therefore I considered this TC a unique opportunity to learn something new, do what I love and face new challenges. Since I have never experienced any Erasmus plus project honestly I was not sure what to expect, but I have to admit that the week I spent in Croatia overcame any expectations I had.





Everything started on August 11, when me and another participant from Slovakia Zuzana, boarded the bus to Croatia. As soon as we arrived in the beautiful city of Samobor, we were warmly welcomed by the Positiva Samobor staff and got to meet all the participants from 10 other European countries. In my opinion, we were lucky enough to spend this amazing week in a city that offers places where you can go for a hike and be active or just sightsee and relax.

Everybody was accommodated in a nice hostel in the city center, where most of our activities and workshops were taking place. Our trainers prepared for us the interesting, but quite busy program for the next six days.


The training course consists of activities like ice breakers to help us get to know each other, theoretical workshops and practical exercises. Personally, I appreciated the professional approach of our trainers, which shared with us their valuable experience how to use sports as a educational tool for children and young people to learn competencies like team work, communication, building trust or generally just to teach them how to live a Healthy life and meaningfully spend their free time.






Although I was always active in sports as a rhythmic gymnastics coach I have

never tried to implement other sports such as athletics or football in my teaching methods. This course has helped me discover new ways to use this type of sport as a teaching tool to teach young people in a non-formal way the skills they can use in their daily lives and help them grow.


Apart from all mentioned above, the additional value of this TC was an opportunity to meet new people from all over Europe, learn something new about different cultures and improve our language skills. I would recommend this training course to anyone who is interested in sports, is not afraid of any challenges, loves to meet new people from foreign countries and wants to expand their horizons.







Last but not least, I would like to thank the staff of Positiva Samobor for their dedication and care through this training course that made our experience unforgettable.

Thank you!

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