Why Erasmus+?

Because ERASMUS+ is much more than just studying abroad, and we want you to know how many opportunities does it offer for you!


Since European Comission introduced ERASMUS+ Programme, it provided opportunities for people of all ages, helping them develop and share knowledge and experiences through education, training and sport. Most often people connect ERASMUS+ only with studying abroad, while this Programme is so much more than this. There is still a wide range of undiscovered opportunities in the frame of ERASMUS+ which could be used primarily by young people to improve their competences, meet their peers from other countries as well as to travel and explore Europe in the best possible way.


We are talking about various ERASMUS+ projects which provide you the opportunity to travel abroad usually for 5-15 days together with participants from other countries, and take a part in a learning process conected to some specific topic such as healthy lifestyle, sport, arts, youth work, gender equality, peacebuilding and much more. And guess what, ERASMUS+ Programme covers basically all of your costs! (travel, accommodation, food).


It looks like this…


Photo credits: Dado Bellaregaz


Or like this…


Photo credits: Vlado Odribožić


And you have a loooot of fun, like this 🙂


Photo credits. Justas Bieliunas


Soo… that’s exactly why we decided to create this blog!


This blog offers you to have all of the information on one place. What is ERASMUS+ about, which opportunities does it offer, how to participate, what to expect, how does it look like in practice, where to travel and stay extra days as well as any other information you need. And all of it from first-hand experience.


During our engagement in youth work and ERASMUS+ projects, we realized that a large number of (especially young) people is sceptical about possibility of their participation, often because it sounds too good to be true. To study, meet new people and learn, basically for free? We can assure you, it is real.


And you are able to see some amazing places, as this one.



For the people who already took part in the ERASMUS+ projects it becomes a sort of an addiction, but in a good way. You just always want more of that amazing experience. Therefore, we wanted to make easier for you to find all information on one place, especially by providing practical advices and encouraging you to share your extraordinary experiences with the world.


If you want to check out some of our personal reviews from Erasmus+ projects, you can find them here.


And if you want to explore opportunities for yourself to take part in, we have some for you here.


So let’s start the ERASMUS+ voyage!


Adventures first; explanations take such a dreadful time.



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